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Territorial and municipal executive bodies

  • Administration of the Yaroslavl oblast
  • Administration of the Kostroma oblast
  • Municipality of the city of Yaroslavl
  • Administration of the city of Kostroma
  • Administration of the city of Ivanovo
  • Administration of the Rybinsk municipal district
  • Centre of Ecological Safety of the Nizhni Novgorod oblast Administration
  • Administration of the town Gryazovets
  • Administration of Sheksna district
  • Administration of the town of Sharia
  • Administration of the Nekrasovo municipal district

    Authorized executive bodies of the Russian Federation and state institutions

  • Upper Volga Basin Management Department (the city of Nizhni Novgorod)
  • Gorki Reservoir Maintaining and Operating Office (the city of Kostroma)
  • Rybinsk Reservoir Maintaining and Operating Office (the city of Rybinsk)
  • Natural Resources Committee of the Yaroslavl oblast
  • Environmental Protection Committee of the Rybinsk Municipal District
  • Centre of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection of the city of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl district
  • Yaroslavl Centre on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring
  • Rybinsk Hydrometeorological Observatory

    Industrial companies and Municipal agencies

  • JSC "Slavneft-Yaroslavlnefteorgsintes" (oil-refinery) (city of Yaroslavl);
  • JSC "Yaroslavski Technicheski uglerod" (black carbon) (city of Yaroslavl);
  • JSC "Ostashkovski kozheveny zavod" (tannery) (city of Tver);
  • JSC "Yaroslavski shinyi zavod" (tyre plant) (city of Yaroslavl);
  • JSC "Lakokraska" (varnish and paint plant) (city of Yaroslavl);
  • JSC "Pobeda Rabochikh" (varnish and paint plant ) (city of Yaroslavl);
  • JSC "Raskat" (road-riders plant) (city of Rybinsk);
  • Municipal Enterprise "Rybinskvodokanal" (water works) (city of Rybinsk);
  • Municipal Enterprise "Yaroslavlvokanal" (water works) (city of Yaroslavl);
  • Municipal Enterprise "Ivanovovodokanal" (water works) (city of Ivanovo);
  • Municipal Enterprise "Kostromavodokanal" (water works) (city of Kostroma);
  • Municipal Enterprise "Akvaekos" (town of Ustyuzhna).

    Associations and firms

  • Water Supply and Water Disposal Association "Clean Water"
  • Centre on Preparation and Implementation of International projects on Technical Assistance (CPPI)
  • Association of International cooperation, Rybinsk municipal district
  • Lahmeyer International GmbH (Germany)
  • Chemviron Carbon GmbH (Belgium)
  • CH2M HILL Int. (USA)
  • Eisenmann GmbH. (Germany)
  • "Fund BIAN" ltd. (city of Yaroslavl)
  • "Promkontrakt" ltd., (St-Petersburg)

Scientific institutions

Non-governmental organizations

  • Non-governmental environmental organization "Zelenaya vetv"
  • Non-governmental organization "Yaroslavia"

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