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ERP ''Водоканал''

Enterprise Resource Planning System "Водоканал"

Main parameters:

The program complex represents upgradeable set of the automated workplaces with the similar user interface, working with united database, that provides shared use of system resources by various departments of the organization.
System includes following workplaces:
• Dispatcher;
• Production-engineering department;
• System of reports;
• Leader control.

The automated workplaces in part of a program complex have modern user interface supporting Windows XP schemes. System of the menu, tools panels and properties windows gives to the user ability of fast executing demanded operations.
The program complex provides simultaneous work with the information of several users/departments/services of the organization both connected in a local network, and remote(data replication adjustment).
The developed modern interface of the program complex gives to the user possibility of usage following functions:
• Fast input and editing of the operative information;
• Sorting of the data according to one or several fields;
• Filtering of the data for convenience of the information perception;
• Incremental search;
• System of information retrieval in the specified criteria;
• System of customisation of selection of the information various colours by the set criteria;
• Usage of "hotkeys" and toolbars for fast access to often used functions.

Workstation "Dispatcher" provides automation of functions for the dispatching department and allows to fulfil following operations:
• To Register demands for crashes elimination ;
• To Anchor a place of accident (or other operations) to the address, a concrete place of accident (or other operations) on a map;
• Crash Localization (search and show on a map the nearest valves and pipes);
• Storage for state information of inventory objects (normal, damaged, openly, it is closed, a closing degree);
• Search and show on a map disabled at localisation of crash abonents;
• Scheduling on crash elimination;
• The Control over the planned operations;
• The Registration of the operations, spent materials and engineering usage;
• Registration of planned objectives;
• Scheduling under demands and planned objectives;
• Operation with the admissions to brigade operations, including:

  • The circuit of operations with crash localisation variants;

  • Date and time of the beginning and ending of operations;

  • The name of brigade responsible for operation;

  • The address of operations;

  • The list of the planned and fulfilled operations;

  • Brigade structure, trades, bits of workers an operating time, idle time and transporting time;

  • Involved transport and tech, including time of their operation, idle time and transporting time;

  • The list of the disconnected abonents;

  • System of reports;

  • Usage of an electronic map.

Crash registration function by means of a electronnic map allows to define the place of accident nearest valves and pipes, the list disconnected at localisation of crash abonents, and automatically generate the demand with the address of accident place.
This data is saved in a database for possibility of the subsequent analysis.
At crash registration the program complex allows the operator to keep account the planned and fulfilled operations on crash elimination, with instructions of the performer of the operations given on used materials and date of performance and the termination of operations.
The interface and system of reports of the program complex allow to inspect an operative situation effectively.
The program complex uses an electronic map of the city in several modes:
• Input and editing of the data about crash;
• Search of objects on a map;
• Review of a current situation;
• Output of the statistical information to a map of the city.

Support of the listed functionality is carried out by means of the convenient interface which allows to fulfil scaling, scrolling, to instal bookmarks etc.
The program complex has the developed system the tools, standard and for creation of own reports, and also a set of summary reports allowing to analyze the data for the specified periods of time.

The workplace «PED» provides automation of functions of technological department and gives following abilities:
• Inventory of technological department account objects;
• Detal view of inventory objects(possibility of conducting and the analysis of schemes and plans of wells, chambers, and other objects);
• The Binding of inventory objects to a map;
• Fast search and a conclusion of tablets, schemes and characteristics of objects to print.
• Registration of inquiries about technitial specifications- prolongation, change or updating , Building, correspondence (the general, proceeding, letters of guarantee) of technitial specifications ;
• Registration of contracts, covering letters, additional agreements to contracts, letters of guarantee on payment.
• Storage and the printing forms of documents
• Instructions on a computer map of water and sewerage networks a place of delivery technitial specification with its number
• The Information on conditions of coordination of the equipment design with a binding to technitial specification, to the customer, a city district.
• Archiving of the information with ability of an output of the information on customers, city districts, № technitial specification for the certain period, the separate information under contracts, assembling of department reports.
• Creating of the of habitation list during the current year.
• The Information on technical supervision section on objects for the last, current and next years, including continuation of information on the customer, object, area:
  • List of objects with networks water and sewerage

  • Remark on each object of water and sewerage

  • Information under the given out inquiries.

  • Information on the finished objects of building

  • Registration of the executive documentation, with assignment of a folder number .

«The system of reports» gives the ability of the operative and statistical information reception, on work of departments and divisions:
• Current crashes;
• Works Planned and performed at the moment;
• Places of current works and a positions of brigades;
• Reports of divisions works for any period of time;
• The Report on the spent materials of divisions, terms and concrete works;
• Labour productivity Comparison in various divisions and expenses for similar works;
• Creating, printing, and also storage of the admissions containing the task for works by brigades.

At any moment the head has ability to track:
Breakdown susceptibility:
• Quantity and places of current crashes,
• The planned and performed works on crash elimination,
• The consumers disconnected at present,
• Executors of works,
• Character of damages,
• Statistics on city districts and the time periods,
• Statistics on executors.
Current works:
• Places of current works;
• Structure of the brigade making works;
• The List of the works, made (made/planned) by a brigade, division, at the address, under the object description (a pipe, a valve etc.);
• The List of the technics involved for works;
• The Current position of technics;
• Use of materials, technics etc. by brigades, divisions, terms, addresses;
The planned (postponed) works:
• Places of the planned works;
• Terms of works;
• Volume of the planned works;
• Demanded materials, technics.
Reports can be presented in a tabular kind and are displayed on a map.

Functions of programm complex:

1. Automation of Technical department work, Dispatching,water supply and water drain departments.
2. DB Conducting on breakdown susceptibility (registration, the analysis, planned and performed works) with possibility of a binding to a concrete place of break (a pipe, automatic input of the address etc.) and to works on a network (flowing, capital, etc.).
3. DB Conducting under passport characteristics and an actual state of inventory objects.
4. Display of localisation failures (the network analysis, display of valves and disconnected subscribers).
5. Granting of graphic and other information for the operative analysis of a situation.
6. The Time and spatial statistics of the data on breakdown susceptibility or carried out works.

Structure of programm complex:

1. The cartographical block (visualisation of the cartographical information).
2. The block of conducting the passport characteristics information and a condition of a network objects.
3. Graphic detail view information block on dot objects.
4. Block "Breakdown susceptibility". Realisation of the control functionality and registration of failures.
5. Block "PED". Realisation of connection functionality for new subscribers, scheduling and the control of connection performance.
6. The block «Control of works manufacture ». Realisation of the control functionality on made works.
7. The block of a situation analysis. The decision of problems:
    a) definition of the nearest to failure valve,
    b) definition of the disconnected subscribers at localisation of failure and display of their requisites (the name, phones).
8. Reports. Creating of an accounting material (the cartographical information and the information from a DB, statistics).

ERP "Водоканал" presentation.

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