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Programm complex for water and sewerage networks modeling.

General information.

The program complex is based on use of programs EPANET 2.0 and SWMM 5.0, developed by Water Resources and Water supply Division of National research laboratory of risks management in Agency of the USA environment protection. Use of a program complex allows:
• Effectively to carry out an operational administration of existing networks and pump stations;
• To Develop plans of long-term development and reconstruction of networks.
"Volga-centre" experience allows to adapt in short terms a program complex at water supply and sewerage enterprises of any scale and complexity.

Programm complex porpose.

Basic purpose of a program complex – hydraulic modelling of water and sewer networks. Wide application of similar complexes in water supply and sewerage systems is caused by their high efficiency at service and management of networks with a combination of low expenses by working out, adaptation and operation. The program complex provides possibility of effective decisions acceptance both in the course of an operational administration with water supply-sewerage system, and at planning of modernisation and development of networks, including:
• Replacement of water supply sources;
• Changing of pumps operating mode and filling/clearing of tanks,
• Application of additional ways to water treating;
• Target replacement and clearing of pipes;
• Allocation of equal pressure zones in networks and a zoning substantiation;
• Management of valves at failures, fires, carrying out of planned repairs etc.;
• The works organisation on reduction of not considered losses;
• Planning of water redistribution schemes (change of the basic streams).
Use of a program complex expands possibilities of water supply and sewerage enterprises for decrease in operational expenses and to power savings.

Programm complex features.

Programs give possibility of input and editing the initial data, start of hydraulic models and water quality models, viewing of results in various formats: in the form of maps with colour marks, tables, schedules and planimetric schemes. The effective use of the initial information provided as much as possible. The program complex possesses following possibilities:
• Allows to carry out the analysis of any size network without restrictions
• Includes calculation even small losses of a pressure in taps, connections etc.
• Models application of pumps with constant or adjustable speed
• Counts consumption by pumps of the electric power and an expense for an electricity
• Models various types of valves, including return valves, valves of alignment of pressure and throttles
• Allows to calculate any form of tanks (for example, diameter can change at height change)
• Considers various categories of consumption on knots with various time models
• Models the streams depending on a pressure which are let out by emitters (the account of leaks)
• Allows to enter the set operators of management, both simple, and complex
• Allows to trace distribution of water on time from various sources and mixture degree
• Allows to calculate time of water findings in pipes and to allocate deadlock zones
• Allows to estimate distribution of the impurity arriving in a network from any sources, including modelling of chlorine distribution
• Allows to carry out both the one-stage analysis, and long-term modelling with the set intervals of time, including modelling in real time
• Works as in a binding to electronic maps, and schemes.

Expluatation specification.

The program complex is easy-to-work. The complex interface is completely Russified, intuitively clear and accessible to new users. Viewing of results is possible in various formats: in the form of maps with colour marks, tables, schedules and planimetric schemes.


SWMM-5 presentation.

Epanet presentation.


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