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Information technologies
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Water models
Water networks modeling

Hydraulic modelling of water sypply and sewerage networks.

In the given direction we can offer following services:

    Construction of water supply hydraulic model.

    1. Construction of a network scheme, including:

    • Characteristics of pipelines (length of sites, diameters, operation terms, a material)

    • Topographical data (relative heights of central points)

    • Daily expenses and dynamics of expenses at pump stations

    • Volumes of consumption at consumers on a database of abonents department.

    • Data gathering and the analysis of daily dynamics consumption on the basic groups of consumers. Calculations of non-uniformity factors for daily consumption

    2. Reception and input of the data about an actual state and practical management of systems (daily operation of pumps, management of valves, elimination and registration of failures, the control of pressure and expenses).

    3. Modelling of an operating mode for all model components

    4. Model trial runs and testing of received results.

    5. Check of work and updating of the data (liquidation of errors).

    6. Working out of recommendations about the program performance, gaugings of actual pressure and expenses in a network.


    Executing of the gaugings program and calibration of water supply hydraulic model .

    1. Realisation of gaugings on a water supply system.

    2. Revealing of dictating points (pressure, the expense) and a substantiation of their site.

    3. Model Calibration on gaugings.

    Offers on modernisation of water supply system.

    1. Network modernisation

    2. Optimization of pump stations operating modes.

    Development and integration of a control system of pressures for the enterprise .

    1. Definition of the purposes and problems.

    2. Definition of target indicators.

    3. The Quality monitoring.

    4. Creation of system construction program.

    Development and integration at the enterprise of a water losses control system.

    1. Drawing up of water balance.

    2. System zoning on consumption (definition of DMA-zones).

    3. Active search of leaks in zones.

    4. Passive search of leaks.

    5. Working out of leaks definition criteria and necessity of leaks search for each zone.

    6. Working out of actions for system construction.

    Construction of hydraulic model of water removal

    1. Input of the existing data.

    2. Construction of hydraulic model.

    3. Working out of the gaugings program and a site of dictating points.

    4. Model Calibration on the spent gaugings.


    Executing of the gaugings program and calibration of water removal hydraulic model.

    1. Realisation of gaugings on a sewer network.

    2. Model Calibration.

    3. Offers on modernisation of water removal network.

    Working out of the plan for upgrading of water supply and water removal networks .

    1. The Description of a modern situation.

    2. The Forecast of development for the situation at various scenarios .

    3. Preparation of the actions list necessary for change of a situation.

    Training of the personnel to work with program complexes.


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