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Information technologies
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Integration of information systems for water supply and sewerage enterprises management.

In the given direction we can offer following services:

    GIS construction of the enterprise

    1. Gathering and configuration of the necessary information

    2. Working out of architectural GIS model.

    3. Working out of functional GIS model.

    4. Working out of structure of vector maps, layers and styles of objects display.

    5. Working out thee project, rules of topological relations in GIS.

    6. Working out the structure of the semantic data and forms for their input.

    7. Working out the project rules for work with an electronic map and data input in GIS.

    8. The organisation of a workplace for the GIS-ENGINEER.

    9. Input of the information on water and sewer networks.

    10. Inclusion of the geographical information in enterprise document circulation.

    Integration of the automated control system (ERP) "Водоканал"

    1. Software completion under specificity of the Customer:

    • a. Updating the list of functionality;

    • b. The coordination of the interface and an operating procedure new functions;

    • c. Inclusion of the customer information in DB structure, software development.

    2. Working out of the necessary documentation:

    • d. Working out the project of regulations about input and updating data in ERP "Водоканал";

    • e. Working out the mechanisms of information interchange between GIS, ERP "Водоканал" and hydraulic model;

    • f. Updating of the User's guide and the administrator's guide.

    3. Delivery and integration of a program complex "ERP Водоканал" :

    • g. Adjustment of a program complex under specificity of the Customer (adjustment of security system, installation of workplaces, adjustment of security distribution system );

    • h. Integration of ERP "Водоканал";

    • i. Connection of the city electronic map in system of work with a program complex;

    • j. Training of the customer's personnel for work with program complex ERP "Водоканал.

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