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Experts of "Volga-centre" have experience of carrying out an estimation of influence on environment and sections preparations "Preservation of the environment" of the projects connected with any kinds of economic activities. Similar works are executed by working out more than thirty projects, including:

  • Modernization and replacement of main pipes and water distributive network in the city of Yaroslavl

  • Feasibility Report for project «Perfection of Yaroslavl water supply system »

  • Decrease in technogenic loading of treatment facilities of Yaroslavl water drain on water and air environment

  • Building of dealer centres Skoda and Volkswagen in Yaroslavl

  • Coast repair of the Volga river in Rybinsk

  • Building of high-voltage lines in Yaroslavl

  • Lifting of a sunken wreck around Rybinsk hydroknot

  • Building of inhabited settlement on Poshehon municipal area of Yaroslavl region

  • Brick-works building in Rybinsk municipal district

  • Building of a passenger mooring in Rybinsk

  • Thermal recycling of industrial wastes with EISENMANN technology use for "Slavneft-Jaroslavlnefteorgsintez" manufacture of steam

  • Building of a deep oil refining complex for "Slavneft-Jaroslavnefteorgsintez"

  • Decrease in pollution of the Volga river by industrially-storm drains of the Yaroslavl city northern industrial region enterprises

  • installation building for manufacture corrosion inhibitor "И-21-ДМ" with use of "a hydrocarbonic product" on «Technical carbon»

  • Organization of ecologically safe manufacture of paint and varnish materials on "Yaroslavl paint and varnish factory the 'Victory of workers' "

  • Building of a raised comfort rest house for "Alpha-invest"

  • Building of open parkings in Yaroslavl

Was fulled packages of the nature protection documentation (inventory of emissions and dumps, projects of placing wastes) for following enterprises: «Yaroslavl electric networks»; «Rostov electric networks»; "Yarenergoremont", «Tutaevsky optiko-mechanical factory».

By "Volga-centre" was developed programs of ecosystems restoration of the river of Kolokshi, the Mouth (Yaroslavl region) and the river Zhelvaty (Kostroma region). On realisation of the restoration program of Zhelvaty the grant in the area of fund EECONET (Netherlands) is received.

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